Meme it! Joe Biden is a gold mine

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If memes were a thing the other 3 times lyin’ lunch bucket joe ran for president he would have only ran once.

If there is anyone that yields meme gold it is the Biden clan.

stair lifts are all the rage

North Korea weighs in

These are the tame memes mocking Joe Biden, just this week. Is it funny or is it sad?

in 1 week, Putin challenges Biden to a live debate, Kim Jung Un tells Biden administration to watch it.

Joe and the V.P. rollout an odd sales pitch of his 1.5 T porculus. Joe drives 20 minutes from his house for 10 minutes to a roaring crowd of 5 people. The most popular president in history.

60 Exec orders and counting. Zero press conferences. No SOTU.

Weekends off. Democracy!