COVID Relief Bill – jOE Democrat Strikes Again

Published in COVID

jOE Democrats lead by jOE Biden passed a 1.9 Trillion dollar “COVID” relief bill in the middle of the night!

Literally at 2:00 am. Who schedules a vote for 2:00 AM! jOe Democrats do I guess!!

They call it a Covid-19 relief act but less than 10% percent actually relates to Covid? A tunnel and a bridge for the Speaker and Majority Leader? how quaint. Pelosi and Schumer I am looking at you.

How much boomerang foreign aid is there stuffed deep into the bill? Any special payout for #FartyMcFangFang Eric Swalwell? Pelosi’s pet is on an image rehab mission of late. It’s hard work, expensive, and stressful – right Eric ? brrrft.

Now on to the Senate where we can watch the Rino’s wring their hands, but ultimately sign on to pass it for you know “the people”. the same people that are getting less than 10% of the spend.

that is not my cup of joe ~